Party girl Rosdeep Adekoya was nightclub regular

Rosdeep Adkeoya with drug dealer Mo Abdi, who was shot and killed in Edinburgh in 2013. Pic: Deadline
Rosdeep Adkeoya with drug dealer Mo Abdi, who was shot and killed in Edinburgh in 2013. Pic: Deadline
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Self-proclaimed ‘dancing queen’ Rosdeep Adekoya enjoyed wild weekday nights out at Edinburgh bars frequented by European royalty and A-list celebrities.

Despite being a single mother of five living in a flat in one of the city’s poorest areas, Adekoya regularly caught a cab to George Street to party in its clubs.

There she would drink and dance the night away - often in the company of known drug dealers.

Neighbours said they believed Mikaeel and his twin were simply left four miles away at their home in Drylaw until their mother returned in the early hours.

Adekoya’s favourite George Street haunt, according to clubbers, was Lulu.

The popular club was once visited by Prince Albert of Monaco, and has hosted after parties for some of the world’s top names in music including Jay Z and 50 Cent.

The club has also been visited by the Queen’s granddaughter Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall.

One young woman who regularly saw Adekoya at the club said: “I would see her out a lot. She was ‘Edinburgh fake,’ hugging you and the kiss to the cheek even though you barely knew each other.”

The clubber added: “She was definitely more into talking to guys, she knew my boyfriend more than I knew her.

“She would always be hanging off someone’s arm and would make more of an effort to talk to guys in a club than girls.”

Another club-goer, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “She is someone you would recognise because you would see them every week. I had no idea she had kids, definitely not five.

“She hung around with quite a big group of guys that were very flashy. Always wearing the gangster kind of clothing and splashing their cash.”

Another favourite haunt of Adekoya’s is thought to have been Shanghai, the club below four star hotel Le Monde.

The club is popular with city footballers.

One man, who wished to remain anonymous, said that he would see Adekoya out several times a week.

He said: “You would see her out at least once or twice a week. She did take a break a while ago and she wasn’t out as much, but recently she had been back out.

“I’ve seen her with a lot of different guys. I don’t know who she has been in a relationship with or anything, but I know she was always following someone around.”

On social media Adekoya played up her image as a partying socialite posing for pictures of herself dressed up in clubs with her arms around men while drinking.

One picture posted to her Facebook page showed her with murdered drug dealer Mohammed Abdi.

Mr Abdi was shot dead with a submachine gun in a gang related killing in the capital last year.

The 25-year-old had been due to appear at the Edinburgh Sheriff Court on drugs related charges before his death.

In the picture Mr Abdi has his arm wrapped around Adekoya as she leans in and smiles.

An Edinburgh bouncer, who has worked at a number of clubs, said: “She was well known to a lot of door staff.

“She was always with Abdi and his friends.”

At the time of Mikaeel’s death, neighbours of Adekoya said that they had seen Mr Abdi at her home on several occasions and with her children.

But there is no evidence anyone came to collect Mikaeel or his twin on Adekoya’s nights in George Street.

One neighbour said: “A man would come at the weekends at take the three older children away. I never saw anyone take the two youngest. I think they were left on their own while she was out.

“The word in the area is that she was taking cocaine.”

Having grown up in a detached home in an upmarket part of Edinburgh, Adekoya moved to Fife with her family and attended school in Kirkcaldy.

Her father, Gurbux, who was originally from India died at just 43 when his daughter was in her teens.

Her mother, Harjinder Kular, 60, is a retired doctor who lives in a large detached house in a leafy suburb of Kirkcaldy, Fife.

Ms Kular has remarried twice since her husbands death, and is currently married to Dr Bangarpet Krishnawamy, 69, a GP from Bangalore.

Former classmates of Adekoya’s said that she had been a quiet girl in school and was very much involved in her studies.

After finishing school she married Otomosso Adekoya from Nigeria, with whom she had three children - Tarin, 9, David, 7 and Renuka 6.

Following the birth of her children she returned to education and attended Fife College where she studied a range of beauty courses.

After the breakdown of her marriage Adekoya moved into a house in Dunvegan Avenue, Kirkcaldy, Fife with her children, a property owned by her parents.

Two years ago however, Adekoya moved from the detached villa in the leafy suburbs to a two-storey flat in Edinburgh which she rented from a landlord.

It is believed that after moving back to the capital Adekoya had little contact with her family, with neighbours saying the first time they had seen them was when they came to collect Mikaeel’s siblings when he was missing.

The neighbour, who lives behind Adekoya’s flat, said: “The first time I saw anyone in her family was when they came the day Mikaeel was missing. They had taken the kids in their cars.

“They have been the only ones to come back to the flat since too. I have seen them loading furniture and picking little bits up from the flat since.”