Pensioner is ‘oldest in Scotland’ to get Asbo

William Myles. Picture: Jane Barlow
William Myles. Picture: Jane Barlow
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A GRANDFATHER of ten is believed to have become the oldest recipient of an Asbo in Scotland.

William Myles, 75, of Walford Lodge, Prestonpans, was slapped with the notice following a series of hot-tempered bust-ups with his neighbours over the last two years.

The firebrand’s ongoing feud with James and Neil McCallum-Browne began following a dispute over access and parking at their seaside homes.

The couple complained, prompting East Lothian Council officials to investigate.

They compiled a lengthy dossier of the former support worker’s antisocial behaviour against the couple, which included verbal abuse and threats and obscene gestures.

He was then served with his anti-social behaviour order at Haddington Sheriff Court on September 30.

However, despite this Myles, who has lived at the address with his wife, Margery, 61, for 12 years, still believes that he is in fact the aggrieved party in proceedings.

He said: “All I’ve ever wanted to do is park my car as I have done for the past 12 years. They moved in two years ago and it’s been non-stop for us ever since.

“They keep pushing me and pushing me and I’ll admit I’ve lost my temper with them and said some things I shouldn’t but we’ve lived here quite peacefully with a number of different neighbours and never had a problem.”

The bitter dispute stems from Myles being told that he would be no longer allowed to use a shared driveway to park his car which led him to have his own car park built at the end of his garden.

However, soon after, the main gates were locked and a wooden palisade fence erected in front of his car space leaving him no option but to park his vehicle on the high street several hundred yards away.

He added: “Both me and my wife are pensioners. She doesn’t deserve any of this and the stress is getting to her, but I lose my temper with them each time. I’m going to try my best to change though and stick to the order but I’m pretty sure they’ll keep needling me as they just want us out so they can have the whole place to themselves.”

Long-suffering neighbour James McCallum-Browne welcomed the notice and said: “It has been absolute hell. Asbos don’t really get handed out for nothing.”

The previous holder of the oldest Asbo title had been bad-tempered 73-year-old Perthshire pensioner, Joan Courtney, who was hit with her order last December.

An East Lothian Council spokeswoman said: “Despite a number of warnings to Mr Myles about his behaviour he continued to behave in a manner which caused considerable alarm and distress to his