Pensioner killed in ‘inexplicable’ driveway crash

Tahrir Waswas. Picture: Vic Roderick
Tahrir Waswas. Picture: Vic Roderick
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A DRIVER knocked down and killed an 85-year-old pensioner while reversing out of her drive in an “inexplicable accident”.

Tahrir Waswas was leaving her home in Golf Course Road, Livingston, in January last year when the accident which killed Elizabeth Hossack happened.

Livingston Sheriff Court heard Mrs Hossack, who was wearing a “quite noticeable” bright turquoise jacket, was seen trying desperately to fend off the car with her hands as it pushed her backwards into the street.

Despite frantic efforts by neighbours and passers-by to raise the car and give her emergency medical treatment she was pronounced dead at the scene.

The court heard that a passing motorist who saw the whole tragedy unfold remained with Mrs Hossack and held her hand to try to comfort her until paramedics arrived. He later told police that he was “amazed” the Corolla had hit the pensioner because she was “clearly visible”.

A passing nurse also came to help but couldn’t give emergency resuscitation because the victim was still trapped.

Police officers spoke to the accused, who moved to the UK from Jordan in 2008 seeking a better life for her children, whose immediate comment was she had not seen Mrs Hossack behind her when she was reversing out of her driveway.

Fiscal depute Brian Robertson said: “One witness said when she went to the car there was no music on and there were no other distractions.

“They were amazed that the accused didn’t see the deceased crossing behind her and it was inexplicable how it’s happened.”

He said the dead woman’s family, who were in court to listen to the proceedings, had said she was “as sharp as a tack” and an active walker.

He said: “She comes from a family where they are described as ‘long livers’ and she was likely to have a long time ahead of her.

“She’d had a knee replacement and as a result walked with two sticks and she was quite alert. They describe her as being a person most concerned with road safety and the fact she walked with sticks if anything would mean that it would make it easier for a driver see her because she’d be walking slowly.”

Waswas, who passed her UK driving test in May 2011, pleaded guilty to causing death by careless driving. Sheriff Susan Craig banned her from driving and dferred sentencing until April 24.