Pensioners’ lives inspire
artist Astrid to portraits

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PENSIONERS at a city care home have seen their memories brought to life in a book put together by an artist.

Four residents from Bield’s Haugh Street Care Home in Stockbridge told their stories to Irish artist Astrid Jaekel, which she used in her book We Used to Jive a Bit . . . I Couldn’t Do That Now.

The book included their portraits alongside their memories of growing up in Edinburgh.

Isabella Crawford, who has lived at Haugh Street for 13 years, said: “This experience has let me remember the good old days and how pretty Edinburgh used to be. I had not thought about my days spent on Portobello beach and the games we played for a long time, so it was good fun going through my memories and having them illustrated. It was great to see how my portrait turned out.”

Ms Jaekel said: “We all became good friends, and I still visit them now for cups of tea. Through this project I have discovered a side of Edinburgh that otherwise may have not opened up to me.”