10 of the weirdest questions the internet has to ask about Edinburgh

We've all been guilty of asking google obvious, and sometimes downright bizarre questions when nobody else is around.

By Sarah Wilson
Wednesday, 7th August 2019, 2:34 pm
What has the internet been searching in relation to Edinburgh?
What has the internet been searching in relation to Edinburgh?

Of course, if enough people search for something online, Google autocomplete picks up on the demand. Using Google and the "answer the public" tool, here are some of the most bizarre questions people have asked about Edinburgh online.

Once nicknamed Auld Reekie due to the stench of sewage and smog in the city way back when, Edinburghs reputation must have stuck - in spite of it being voted one of the cleanest capitals in 2018.
Well, its only the capital of Scotland, hosts the worlds largest arts festival and has both old and new towns that are UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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You can practically hear locals chuckling at this one.
Its an interesting kind of person who asks Google whether an attraction designed entirely around the concept of being scary is, well, scary.
Either several thousand people are looking to invest in an ancient castle, or were all just very curious about property prices.
The lack of context in this one makes it particularly weird. By whom? Now, or 100 years in the future? It seems there are plenty of paranoid people on the internet.
In size? Power? In the olympics? Hard to tell whether this popular question is down to nervous Glaswegians or eager Edinburgh residents.
Several thousand people have not heard of Google Maps. Nor took geography at school, evidently.
Evidently, tourists are envisioning Edinburgh as some kind of primitive backwater rather than a big city boasting exceptionally clean tap water.
Hard to tell whether these internet users are looking for reasons not to visit Edinburgh, or just asking a rhetorical question