Bizarre footage shows Scottish man lie in road and block disabled kids' Taxi Outing

Bizarre footage has emerged of a man halting the Taxi Trade Children's Outing through Edinburgh city centre after claiming he was squirted with water.

Wednesday, 12th June 2019, 4:57 pm
The man laid in th emiddle of the road so the parade couldn't pass

The man can be seen making his way across the road on Cannongate before laying horizontally in front of a brightly decorated vehicle, making it impossible to pass.

In the video, which has since gone viral,the man claims that he is doing it after he was delibrately targetted by people on the outing with water pistols and water bombs.

Members of the public then approach the man, requested that he gets up, before a police officer on a motorbike arrives on the scene and ushers the man along.

The man laid in th emiddle of the road so the parade couldn't pass

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The incident happened at around 10.55am yesterday (Tuesday, June 11) as the annual parade made its way through the Capital's city centre.

People on the parade, which is organised by the city's taxi drivers to give children with special needs a day at the seaside, tend to shoot water pistols at people in the crowd as they pass.

The video was shot by Sheila Purvis, who was passing the scene at the time.

A police officer had to ask the man to move.