Bullet-shaped pendant containing dog remains taken from owner at Edinburgh Airport

A MAN was left distraught after airport security forced him to leave his dogs remains behind because he kept them in a pendant shaped like a bullet.

Tuesday, 21st May 2019, 7:35 pm
John James with his dog Chelsea

John James. 53, was travelling home to Ledbury from Edinburgh when security officers refused to let him board with the precious pendant.

He was told to fill in a form and the keepsake would be mailed back to his home.

But ‘mail it on’ service, Luggage Point based at Edinburgh Airport, also refused to send the pendant saying they would ditch it if he didn’t return to Edinburgh to claim it within 40 days.

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The 53-year-old care worker had flown to Edinburgh on May 8 and was returning to London Gatwick on May 10 when security flagged up the problem pendant.

Within the UK it is forbidden to travel with imitation explosive devices and replica or model guns in your hand luggage, including imitation ammunition.

John, who lost his dear dog Chelsea last year, was devastated at the situation. “Chelsea meant everything to me,” he said. “The pendant didn’t actually contain ashes but the last remaining pieces of her fur and a piece of her collar that I put together myself. It may sound daft to some, but I’d kiss it before I put it on every day and when I took it off every night.

“After I filled out the form, they responded by telling me because it looked like a bullet they would not be able to send it and I would have to come back to Edinburgh to collect it.”

John got Chelsea 11 years ago and was inseparable from the day they first met. He said the pain of losing her was unbearable.

“When she passed away last year my ex-wife called me at 5.15am to tell me. I can’t explain the pain I felt. I was inconsolable. I now have her ashes in a casket by my bed that, like the pendant, I kiss every morning and night and tell her I love her. She was everything to me.

“We’d go for walks and if I stopped to talk to anyone people would always remark that during the conversation Chelsea had not taken her eyes off me. When I was ill I was on the sofa Chelsea rested her head on me and never moved all day.

“She would go crazy every time she saw me.”

Luggage-Point offer a service which enables passengers who have had an item confiscated at Airport Security the opportunity to get them back - either from the store at the airport or by courier to their home address.

But recognising the sentimental nature of the item, the team have arranged a special one-off solution to reunite John with Chelsea.

“Our team became aware of John’s situation but unfortunately due to the bullet shape of the pendant and its contents – which are prohibited by mainstream networks – our normal mailing options were not available,” said Marc Stewart, Luggage Point. “Due to his location, John was unable to collect from our store. Clearly, the sentimental value attached to the pendant is priceless and so our team looked at alternative options and have been able to arrange a tracked special courier service for John, allowing him to be reunited with his pendant.

“Luggage-Point are absolutely delighted that we are able to assist John, especially as the pendant held such great sentimental value to him.”