Canadian photographer in appeal to track down mystery couple pictured in Edinburgh

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Do you know this couple?

Neither does the photographer who caught them on camera and now he’s on the hunt for the loved-up pair to share the stunning snaps.

Mystery couple in Edinburgh, the photographer, Kevin Dale from Ottowa,  is trying to track them down. He photographed them in March 2018.

Mystery couple in Edinburgh, the photographer, Kevin Dale from Ottowa, is trying to track them down. He photographed them in March 2018.

Kevin Dale, 58, from Ottowa in Canada, was on holiday in Edinburgh when he snapped the couple against the backdrop of Edinburgh Castle on a clear March night.

It was a moment he thought they hoped to treasure, and of course, he offered to forward a copy of the image onto them.

But the hastily written note with their email address scribbled on it was illegible.

Undeterred, he tried variations, and after six bounce backs Kevin was sure he’d never find his models and was ready to give up.

However now he’s appealing one last time for anyone who recognises the pair to contact the Evening News so they can be reunited with their portrait.

“They were a lovely couple.

“I think they might have been from Latvia or Lithuania.

“The man was an ice hockey fan and we spoke about that a little.”

Visiting the Capital with his wife and some friends as part of a Scotland-wide trip, Kevin wanted to make the most of a mild night and took to the streets with his camera.

He was approached by the couple who noticed him photographing the purple-hued castle with his Canon D80 and asked him to take their picture.

Kevin said: “It was a really nice night but was quite hard to get a good shot as it was so dark.

“I told them I didn’t have the tripod with me but they didn’t mind.

“One of the pictures worked out really nice and I’d really like them to have it.”

But when they wrote down their contact email the first letter or number couldn’t be deciphered.

Kevin had a stab at six different variations but each one was sent back with address unknown. “You know, I promised them that I’d send them the photo so I really want to finish what was started.

“I know it’s no big deal in the grand scheme of things but it could have been a big night for them and I want them to have the pictures.”

When he realised sending the image by email wasn’t going 
to come to fruition he decided 
to share the image on photo sharing social media site Instagram.

Hopeful that someone somewhere might recognise the leather jacket-clad man or his brunette companion.

Married with three grown-up children, the keen photographer is originally from Scotland but moved to Canada with his mum and siblings 35 years ago.

He comes back at least every second year to spend time with his dad who still lives in Lanarkshire.

Annoyingly on his last day in Edinburgh he misplaced his mobile phone after a trip to the Scottish National Portrait Gallery losing hundreds of treasured snaps.

He’s sure he had it last in a coffee shop on St Andrew Square and is hopeful that one day it might find its way back to him – after all, every good deed deserves another.