Christmas cancelled for Mekala Osborne's family as it's revealed she won't be home this side of December 25

The 22-year-old from Wallyford has suffered a set-back in her recovery in the last week.

Wednesday, 11th December 2019, 11:45 am
Updated Wednesday, 11th December 2019, 11:59 am

Christmas has been cancelled for the family of Mekala Osborne after it was revealed the 22-year-old will not be home this side of 25 December.

The personal trainer from Wallyford remains in intensive care in the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary after she was flown home from Singapore following two months fighting for her life in south east Asia.

However despite improving enough to be flown home, Mekala’s condition has since worsened in hospital leaving her confined to intensive care, unable to go home.

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Mekala Osborne fell ill while on a holiday of a lifetime in Vietnam (Photo: Jimmy McAulay)

'We don't feel it's appropriate to do Christmas'

Mekala’s mother, Yvonne McAulay, said the family will be limited to a small celebration in the morning with her son Danny, but most of the day will be spent in hospital with Mekala.

She said: “She will remain in Isolation for now. All being well we are intending to have an open Christmas house after the year once she is home, to which everyone is welcome.

“We hope everyone has a lovely Christmas but without sounding like a 'bah humbug' we feel it's not appropriate to do Christmas considering Mekala is still and will be in intensive care over the holidays.

Mekala Osborne fell ill while on a holiday of a lifetime in Vietnam (Photo: Jimmy McAulay)

“Once again thank you so much to both you and our families for your continued support.”

'She won't be home this side of Christmas'

In an update posted on Facebook, family friend Davie Martin said that Mekala’s lungs were showing signs of pneumonia with the right lung suffering from several pneumothorax, where air is able to escape the lung.

He wrote: “[Doctors] have given her a bronchoscopy and will investigate the fluid they've removed.

“They have started her on another course of antibiotics, so need to wait a few days for the results. In the meantime, loads of rest.

Mr Martin added that Mekala’s health is otherwise doing well with improvements to her vital organs.

“Mekala is more aware than ever of everything that is going on. She is a lot brighter this morning considering this wee set back over the past couple of days.

“She won't be home this side of Christmas.”

Family told to 'pray she survives'

Mekala first fell ill while on a dream holiday in Vietnam with what she thought was a simple sore throat before ending up fighting for her life in a hospital in Da Nang after contracting a deadly bout of pneumonia.

At one stage her family were told to “pray she survives” ahead of a vital air transfer to Singapore while she was in a coma which lasted nearly a fortnight.

She flew home to the UK in November before being transferred from Manchester Airport to the Royal Infirmary.