Edinburgh Dungeon 'bans Donald Trump supporters' during state visit

ONE of the Capital’s top attractions has ‘banned’ supporters of US president Donald Trump.

Sunday, 2nd June 2019, 2:51 pm
Donald Trump supporters have been banned from the tourist attraction.

The Edinburgh Dungeon shared a post on Facebook declaring: ‘All Trump supporters are banned for the duration of his state visit.’

Trump, who will arrive in the UK this week, has not announced any plans to visit Edinburgh during his trip.

On social media, some people took the message as a joke, but others were offended, with Melissa Morán Torres writing: “That’s discrimination! How tolerant you’re guys, there are people out there with different opinions... Just respect whoever who thinks different.”

Jonathan ‘Jono’ Quinn posted: “I love this! Well done Dungeons.”

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But Steven Drew wrote: “I know it’s a big joke but even the suggestion that a political opinion can get you banned from somewhere and that loads of people would support it, I find that scary a bit, who wants a world like that! Imagine they put that all independence supporters were banned, people wouldn’t be laughing then.”

The US president will visit Buckingham Palace to meet with the Queen and Downing Street to hold talks with the Prime Minister during his trip.