Edinburgh football: Under 17s team reported to league after supporters get aggressive after match

A teenagers’ football match descended into chaos after adults watching from the touchline allegedly started shouting at and threatening players.

North Merchiston FC played Spartans FC in an under 17s match on Saturday morning, with North Merchiston having won 3-1.

But a video taken after the game shows an aggressive encounter, with both adults and players involved.

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A parent has spoken anonymously to the Edinburgh Evening News about the aggressive behaviour of some of those at the game.

They said: “The game was going well until Merchiston took the lead and then Spartans got a player booked with a yellow card then another player got sent off as the tackles were getting out of control and very dangerous.

"There was a bit of back and forth between players and parents then one person laughed and said to a player to calm down and shut up, then all hell broke loose.”

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The parent went on to explain how the referee asked the Merchiston fans to stand further up the pitch in order to separate them from Spartans supporters and diffuse the situation.

They said: "The game resumed as normal. Both teams shook hands after and it looked okay until the Merchiston players walked over to the other side of the pitch to go to the changing rooms.

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Edinburgh football: Under 17s team reported to league after parents get aggressive after match

"That's when the people in the video walked over and started their nonsense; shouting and screaming abuse.

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"No need for this type of behaviour at kids’ football.”

A spokesperson from North Merchiston FC said: “We are aware an incident took place after our U17 match vs Spartans at the weekend and that a video is doing the rounds.

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"We have informed the league of the incident who are taking action with Spartans directly.

“We are working closely with the North Merchiston parent and players who were involved but at this moment in time cannot pass on any further details.”

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Spartans FC has been contacted for comment.

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