Edinburgh power cut: These are all the postcodes currently without electricity

These are all of the postcodes currently without power.

Tuesday, 31st December 2019, 9:11 am
Updated Tuesday, 31st December 2019, 9:34 am

Several Edinburgh postcodes have been hit by a power outage on the last day of the year.

Leith postcodes beginning with EH16, EH6 and EH4 are affected, according to Scottish Power.

They were made aware of the issue ay around 8.35 this morning (Tuesday) and hope to have the problem resolved by 10.45am.

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All the affected postcodes:

EH166TJ, EH166TN, EH4, EH44GN, EH44GS, EH61AA, EH64, EH64AA, EH64AD, EH64AE, EH64AF, EH64AG, EH64AH, EH64AJ, EH64AL, EH64AN, EH64AP, EH64AQ, EH64AR, EH64AS, EH64AT, EH64AU, EH64AW, EH64AX, EH64EY, EH64EZ, EH64HA, EH64HB, EH64HG, EH64HH, EH64HN, EH64HQ, EH64HU, EH64HW, EH64PG, EH64PH, EH64PL, EH64PN, EH64PP, EH64PR, EH64PS, EH64PT, EH64PU, EH64PW, EH64PY, EH64QJ, EH64QL, EH64QN, EH64QP, EH64QW, EH64SX, EH64SZ, EH64WW, EH65LP, EH65LT, EH65LW, EH65RL, EH65RN, EH65RP, EH65RR, EH65RU, EH65RW, EH65RY, EH66, EH66AA, EH66DX, EH66DY, EH66DZ, EH66EA, EH66EJ, EH66EL, EH66EQ, EH66ES, EH66ET, EH66EU, EH66EW, EH66EX, EH66EY, EH66HB, EH66HD, EH66HE, EH66HF, EH66HG, EH66HH, EH66HJ, EH66HL, EH66HN, EH66HP, EH66HR, EH66HS, EH66HT, EH66HU, EH66HW, EH66JA, EH66JP, EH66JR, EH66JS, EH66JU, EH66JY, EH66JZ, EH66LA, EH66LB, EH66LF, EH66LS, EH66NQ, EH66PJ, EH66TG, EH66TJ, EH66TL, EH66TN, EH66XX, EH66ZZ

A statement on the Scottish Power website said: "There is a power cut affecting the EH4, EH6 and EH16 postcode areas of Edinburgh, affecting properties in Dudley Grove and surrounding areas.

These are all of the postcodes currently without power.

"We did not know in advance there would be a power cut, and became aware of this at 8.35am.

"Our control centre will attempt to reset the network remotely to restore power in stages, and we will also send our next available engineer to attend site.

"Our team will work to get your power back on as quickly and as safely as possible by 10.45am.

"Once they arrive, or when we receive any update regarding the cause, we will be able to provide you with more information.

"We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience."

For more information and advice on what to do in a power cut, you can visit Scottish Power's website here.