Heartbroken dog owner calls for fireworks displays to start later

A WIDOW has been left heartbroken after her beloved pet suffered fatal injuries when fireworks spooked the dog, causing her to run scared into the path of a car.

Tuesday, 6th November 2018, 12:28 pm
Updated Wednesday, 7th November 2018, 2:47 am
Muffin the collie - who was run over and killed when spooked by a firework thrown by local youths..
Muffin the collie - who was run over and killed when spooked by a firework thrown by local youths..

Isabel Strachan, 79, who got the eight-year-old Collie shortly after the death of her husband, was devastated to receive a call with news that her prized pooch Muffin had been knocked down by a car on Sunday.

So severe were the dog’s injuries that the vet was forced to put Muffin to sleep.

Heartbroken Isabel had hoped letting Muffin, and her other dog Winnie, out for a walk early would help avoid them getting upset by fireworks.

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Her daughter Gillian Graham, who was walking the dogs for her mum raised the alarm when Muffin didn’t appear at the garden gate.

They launched a frantic search throughout the area.

“We know how scared she is of fireworks,” Gillian explained. “She cowers under the sofa normally so we wanted to get her out and back before they started going off.

“But they started going off very early.

“By 4.45pm they were going off everywhere.

“Muffin is absolutely terrified and when we realised she hadn’t run back to the house we thought she would have run off to hide under a bush somewhere else. We looked for her in the car as well as walking around all the fields behind the house but we couldn’t find her.”

Muffin had darted from Bonnyrigg Road towards the A7 and suffered massive injuries, including multiple broken bones and internal bleeding after being hit by a car.

She was rushed to The Royal Dick vets by police officers but her injuries were too extensive.

“It’s absolutely heartbreaking. The whole family is devastated,” Gillian said.

“Mum is very, very sad. She was like her best friend you could say. She’s been great company for mum.”

“The worst thing is the fireworks starting so early.

“I’m cross that they started so early. There should be designated days and times later in the evening for fireworks displays.

“I know everyone has to have a good time but pets should also be taken into consideration.

“Starting at that time is ridiculous really.”

Gillian’s sister Fiona White asked people to think twice before setting off fireworks.

She posted: “Tragically Muffin was killed yesterday after bolting onto a road when she heard fireworks set off at 5pm in the afternoon! Please give people a chance to keep their animals indoors, Muffin was on her last walk of the day – RIP.”

Isabel has been consoled by the fact a friendly motorist a few cars behind the accident stayed with Muffin throughout her ordeal.

The kind stranger posted a message to Isabel, bringing her comfort. It read: “My husband and I were a couple cars behind the accident so out to try and help, along with a couple of others.

“She wasn’t alone at any point and she was really calm and was showered with love while we were there.”