'˜High society' magazine mocks Edinburgh with '˜patronising' guide to city

It's an argument that has reared its head once again after it was picked up by the Scotsman's City Digest last night.

In August last year. Tatler published a guide to coming to Edinburgh for those that have ‘had enough of London but still want some capital action’ which was pulled apart by our colleagues at the Digest.

The UK’s self-proclaimed biggest society party magazine released the guide for Edinburgh University students.

As part of the advice in visiting the Capital they urge all to “avoid Buckfast” which they describe as “a caffeinated, fortified wine that is totally horrible but very Scottish.”

A guide to Edinburgh has been published by the Tattler

It does advise potential future students to high-end cocktail bars like Dragonfly and Candy Bar however.

They also praise the university for ditching their ‘dinner-part rep’ and give an honourable mention to Cab Vol (Cabaret Voltaire) defining it as ‘something a tad more grimy and alternative.’

Tatler even include a top tip for getting into university saying the easiest way is to ‘Be English’

They state that this is because Scottish universities are more than happy to take English and Welsh students’ £9,000 per annum tuition fees over Scottish students.


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A guide to Edinburgh has been published by the Tattler

You can read the patronising guide to one of the best student cities in the UK here, which includes top tips such as ‘climb Arthur’s Seat when you graduate’

Not to be missed we’re sure...