Ian’s postcard book puts you in picture

Ian Goodall
Ian Goodall
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A photographer from North Berwick has combined his passion for taking pictures and his keen interest in local history in a new book.

Ian Goodall, 68, is celebrating the publication of From North Berwick with Love, a compilation of old postcards and recent photos to create a “then and now” experience for readers.

Mr Goodall said: “The trigger was lots of people kept telling me how much they enjoy seeing my photos and I thought I’d produce a book which shows the beauty of and amazing surroundings in which we live.

“With my keen interest in local photography, I’m also constantly being reminded of many of the changes that have taken place in relatively recent times in and around North Berwick.

“I’d said to a couple of people, with extensive local postcard collections, that I thought telling the recent history through old postcards and up-to-date photographs would be an inspiring way to bring history, and as it changes over time, visually alive.

“The cards, when they’ve been sent, were the social media of the day, would be captured for others to see and read in my book.

“I thought they’d make fascinating reading – postcards are great to handle, feel and read giving a sense of being there at the time it was bought and being sent.

“In the book I’ve tried to re-create this feeling by including many of the handwritten messages, addresses, postage stamps and postmarks.

“To combine old picture postcards with recent photos and create a then and now book excited and challenged me.

“Early on I discovered JP Phillimore, who lived in North Berwick for many years, who combined his two passions – history and art – and whose postcards are truly inspirational and now highly collectable.”