'˜I'm buying 100 bottles' The best tweets after Irn Bru announce recipe change

The secret recipe of Scotland's most popular soft drink, Irn-Bru, will be significantly changed over the next few weeks for the first time in 117 years, its makers have confirmed.

Friday, 5th January 2018, 10:05 am
Updated Friday, 5th January 2018, 10:17 am
Barrs announced the recipe would change.

AG Barr said the sugar content of Irn-Bru would be cut by around 50 per cent “later this month”, prompting devotees of the drink to begin stockpiling cans in case the taste changes.

“The vast majority of our drinkers want less sugar in their Irn-Bru so that’s what we’re now offering” – AG Barr, makers of Irn-Bru The drink makers announced plans to drastically cut the sugar content of Irn-Bru in October, allowing it to avoid the UK Government’s new sugar tax which is due to come into force in April.

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Irn-Bru release statement ahead of '˜recipe change'

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Instead of using high amounts of sugar, the drink will shortly be blended with a mix of low-calorie sweeteners including aspartame, already used in thousands of other products.

The move means that Irn-Bru’s sugar content will fall from 10.3g per 100ml to just 4.7g, making it officially under the 5g level at which the new sugar tax takes effect.

Despite the change, there will still be four teaspoons of sugar in a regular 330ml can of the drink, although this is significantly less than the 8.5 teaspoons found in the old version.

AG Barr said bottles and cans featuring both the old and new recipes may appear on shelves together “for a time”, urging fans of the drink to remember to check the label.

Some of the best tweets about Irn-Bru changing their recipe.

Almost 22,000 people have signed an online petition entitled: “Hands Off Our Irn-Bru”.

However, it was on Twitter where the most obvious reaction to the news could be seen as Scots took to the social media platform in droves to complain.

Gaynor Duncan wrote: Just saw Barrs are going to change the Irn Bru recipeAs it’s been my fave soft drink since childhood am no a happy bunny boot that one Barrs!”

Some of the best tweets about Irn-Bru changing their recipe.

Another user wrote: “Am actual planning buying like 100 bottles of Irn Bru to put in our pantry so when they change the recipe I’ll be okay”

One chimed in: “Honestly the only thing that made me happy was @irnbru to find out they’re changing the recipe in january is a true heartbreaker. RIP to me ever buying irn bru again next year”

Sharing the official petition Liam O’Hare wrote: “Right I’m on board troops - didn’t realise they were cutting sugar by 50 per cent! They came for the Irn Bru bars and we did nothing. Not This Time.”

Marco Biagi tweeted: “Haven’t Irn Bru heard of New Coke?”

Another commented on drink taste changing writing: “I love Irn-Bru too much to let it go down the same route as Lucozade cause that is disgusting now “

David Igoe added: “If @irnbru changes to having aspartame in it, it’ll be the last time a drop touches my lips. Artificial sweeteners taste revolting.”