Man rides to the rescue after woman is forced to move popular food truck from Leith park

A MAN has offered to move and store a woman’s popular food truck for her after she was forced to shut down and remove it from a park.

By Katharine Hay
Sunday, 6th October 2019, 4:50 pm
Lynsey in her Vanilla Pod, top left and her son, Murray, outside the food truck when it was graffitied in Leith Links
Lynsey in her Vanilla Pod, top left and her son, Murray, outside the food truck when it was graffitied in Leith Links

Lynsey Stuart was ordered to temporarily close and move her food truck - the Vanilla Pod - after one resident complained to the Edinburgh City Council about her serving food and drink in Leith Links.

With no vehicle to tow it or garage space to park it, the mum-of-one felt at a loose end.

But businessman Iain McMenemy has since come to the rescue and offered to move and store it for her.

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Murray outside the Vanilla Pod in Leith Links

“I just think it’s a real shame that she’s not able to run her business,” he said.

“So I just want to lend a hand where I can.”

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“We have a bit of space that’s not being used at the moment, that’s perfectly safe to store it, so that should help in the time being.”

Lynsey Stuart in her Vanilla Pod when it was open last month

The relieved cafe-owner said the truck has been vandalised since it’s been left unused in the park, so she feels grateful to Mr McMenemy for his kind gesture.

“I am just overwhelmed,” she said.

“It really is so kind of him to not only offer to move it but also store it somewhere safe.

“It’s been graffitied since it’s been in the park so I am pleased it will be somewhere safe until the council decides if and when I can open again.”

The Vanilla Pod when it was open in Leith Links

Lynsey’s son Murray, 9 is equally grateful to Mr McMenemy.

He said: “The man who is doing this for me and my mum must be very thoughtful and kind and he is probably a gentleman.”

In his list of ten complaints he said the truck would attract customers that will film children in the nearby school which poses as a safety risk to young people; the generator running the food truck will scare dogs and young children; the vehicle will destroy the grass, and she does not have a license to be running her business in the park.

Lynsey has since obtained a license.

But a council spokesman said: “Because an objection has been received relating to the application it will be referred to the Licensing Sub-Committee for hearing as required by the relevant legislation.”

The announcement of her closure has since caused outrage on social media.

One commenter said: "I’ve never heard so much crap - all because one person complains.

"I hope that person’s happy now they’ve caused problems for someone just trying to earn a living."

Other commenters have said the van would provide "protection" to children in the park by offering another pair of eyes on the look out, and will be a huge asset to the community.