Mark Greenaway recipe: Roasted Chicken Breast, Puy Lentils, Confit Potatoes, Blackened Corn

Roasted Chicken Breast, Puy Lentils, Confit Potatoes, Blackened Corn . Picture: Paul Johnston/Copper Mango
Roasted Chicken Breast, Puy Lentils, Confit Potatoes, Blackened Corn . Picture: Paul Johnston/Copper Mango
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Top chef Mark Greenaway has a great dish to make in advance of your Festival guests arriving

The atmosphere in Edinburgh is beginning to buzz. With the Festival almost upon us, many of us have visitors coming to town and it is always helpful to have a few recipes to hand that can be prepared in advance when entertaining guests.

This week’s recipe is a great dish to prepare the day before and all you need to do is cook the chicken just before serving. Any leftover lentils can be allowed to go cold and then mixed through some nice salad leaves with a little bit of dressing. This makes a great lunch either as a salad on its own or topped with some smoked fish.


Serves 4

For the lentils

150g puy lentils

300ml good quality chicken stock

1 bay leaf

3 sprigs of thyme

1 carrot, finely diced

The white of 1 small leek, finely diced

1 stick of celery, finely diced

15g butter

Pinch of salt

50ml double cream

1 stalk rosemary, chopped

For the confit potatoes

3 large potatoes, peeled

Duck fat

Pinch of salt

For the chicken

4 chicken breasts, skin on

A drizzle of rapeseed oil

Pinch of salt

For the corn

1 corn on the cob

To garnish

1 radish, very thinly sliced


For the lentils

Soak the lentils for 1 hour in cold water and give them a good rinse.

Simmer the lentils, chicken stock, bay leaf and thyme in a pot for 20 minutes or until the lentils are tender. Remove the bay leaf and the thyme.

Keep the lentils warm.

In a separate pan, melt the butter and sweat the carrot, leek and celery till tender. While the vegetables are still warm, stir them into the lentils.

Whip the cream, chopped rosemary and salt together. Gently fold the rosemary cream through the lentils.

For the confit potatoes

Using an apple corer, cut cylinders out of the potatoes (reserve the remaining potato for another meal). In a pan, cover the cylinders in duck fat and season with a pinch of salt.

Gently simmer the potatoes till tender and remove from the fat.

For the chicken

Place the chicken breasts in a cold pan skin side down with a drizzle of rapeseed oil and a pinch of salt.

Place the pan over a medium-high heat and cook the chicken till golden brown.

Turn the chicken over and cook the reverse side till golden brown.

Turn the chicken back on to the skin side.

Place the pan in the oven at 185C for 12-15 minutes until the chicken is cooked through.

For the corn

Cut the corn kernels off the cob. Place a dry pan over a high heat.

Add the kernels and cook till slightly blackened.

Serve the chicken sitting on top of the lentils and scatter around the potatoes, corn and radish.