Mark Greenway recipe: Pâte de Fruits

P�te de Fruits. Picture: Paul Johnston
P�te de Fruits. Picture: Paul Johnston
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FOLLOWING on from the wonderful response to my rhubarb marshmallow recipe last month, this week I am sharing another great recipe that works as either petit fours or as a gift.

Pâte de Fruits are a classic French sweet. They are little squares of highly concentrated fruit flavour with a smooth velvety texture.

In this recipe I use passion fruit purée but once you have mastered the basic method then there is no end to the list of fruit flavours that you could try. Simply replace the passion fruit with a fruit purée of your choice.

When making these as a gift, you could choose a selection of flavours and colours that would look amazing all packaged up together. Citrus fruits work really well when it comes to serving these at the end of a meal. Refreshing citrus flavours help to cleanse the palate.

It takes a wee bit of patience standing over the pot stirring constantly while the mixture comes up to the correct temperature but the outcome far outweighs this little bit of effort.

I was delighted to see so many of you tweeting me pictures and alternative flavours following the marshmallow recipe so please do the same if you give these little beauties a go. It is so rewarding seeing my recipes being used in kitchens across Edinburgh and beyond.


500g passion fruit purée

450g caster sugar

25g liquid glucose

12g pectin

Extra caster sugar for dusting


Rub the pectin through 50g of the caster sugar.

Place this sugar and pectin in a large heavy-based pot with the passion fruit purée.

Bring to a boil.

Add the remaining 400g of sugar and the liquid glucose.

Bring to a rapid boil while stirring constantly.

When the mixture reaches 110C on a sugar thermometer, take it off the heat.

Pour into a tin lined with greaseproof paper.

Allow it to cool in the fridge overnight.

Cut into squares.

Dust the squares with some caster sugar.