Nicola helps mums get their groove on

Two mums enjoy Nicola's GroovaRoo class
Two mums enjoy Nicola's GroovaRoo class
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An mum of three who runs a birth and baby business from home has become one of the first in Scotland to deliver a new class where parents dance holding their babies.

Nicola Wilson from Kirkliston is the first instructor in Scotland qualified to deliver classes in Groovaroo, a form of line dancing where parents move to music while supporting their babies in slings. Nicola says the craze which started in the US is taking off with parents in Edinburgh and across Scotland. “They say choirs are good for the soul helping to tackle stress and improve happiness. Music and dance does the same for parents and babies. Groovaroo classes are a great way for parents to bond with their babies.”

Nicola runs Gentle Beginnings from her home studio where she provides service supporting mums, including HypnoBirthing and Baby Massage. She plans to host a flashmob in Princes St Gardens this month for parents to try out the new dance class.

The former speech and language therapist decided to make a major life and work change after becoming a mum.

“I loved my job but being more available for my children was a priority. I knew from the time I was expecting my first child that pregnancy, birth and babies sparked a special interest within me.

“Some of my early days as a mum I felt elated and other days I felt complete despair. It’s common but not always talked about, because of an expectation that you should have things sussed. This led me to think about what would have helped me on the days where things feel less than perfect.”

The former language therapist says “GroovaRoo Dance” is about helping parents feel less isolated and develop a bond with their babies. “We show parents how to safely do gentle dance movements with babies in their sling. Babies feel comforted and uplifted by music and dance. It’s about connecting with your baby and other people, to uplift your mood, and give your baby the love and security they need. Moving to music with your baby and your family is so natural and such a joy and who doesn’t feel good when listening to good music! The classes also promote baby wearing, another really important skill that we have lost in this day and age, where buggies have taken the place of wraps and slings.”

“It’s so beneficial to dance with your baby and together as a group. My main focus is on giving the best start in life to babies, positive birth, providing love and security for baby – and all while helping to look after mum’s mental health. I believe such positive experiences shape our days and our weeks and go on to form the best memories of our early days with our children.”

Nicola also says she has hit on the next big thing. “Twenty years ago, nobody had heard of yoga. Our classes are taking off and I think it will be really popular. It’s a great way for parents to bond with their babies.”