Readers react to bizarre one-man blockade at Edinburgh children's taxi outing parade

Evening News readers have reacted to bizarre footage showing a man blocking Edinburgh's annual children's taxi outing procession after claiming he was squirted with water.

Wednesday, 12th June 2019, 11:13 am
A police officer on a motorcycle demanded the man get off the road.

Alleging he had been drenched 'deliberately' by passing taxi passengers brandishing water bombs and water pistols, the man, who was in the Canongate area at the time, is seen walking towards the oncoming charitable procession. He then sprawls himself out horizontally on the roadway, temporarily preventing the motorcade from moving forward.

Members of the public then approach the man, requested that he gets up, before a police officer on a motorbike arrives on the scene, ushering the man along.

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Bizarre footage shows Scottish man lie in road and block disabled kids' Taxi Outing
A police officer on a motorcycle demanded the man get off the road.

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Captioned 'Drama Queen', one clip of the incident has been shared more than 10,000 times and attracted hundreds of comments since it appeared on Facebook on Tuesday evening.

Evening News readers have not been shy in airing their responses to the footage either.

Scott Ross wrote: "Does he actually know he is in Scotland? Shockaroonie! It Rains here all the time. Man up and take the skooshing."

The man could be seen sprawled out on the roadway and blocking the taxi parade.

"Easiest way to becoming the most hated man in Edinburgh," added Johnny Allen.

Casey Morgan commented: "Disrupting a special day for kids because he got a little wet, grow up man!"

"Oh to just have that big big problem of being soaked by a water gun," wrote Lindsay Barlas, "On that day of all days. In front of all those wonderful and resilient children and their families."

Samantha Hamilton said: "What an absolute joke! It’s an amazing thing the taxi drivers do, to give the kids a brilliant day out, well done to all the cabbies involved."

Alex Nicol added: "Couple years back I worked in a fast fit garage, we done a lot of the taxis. We were asked to soak the kids back and have fun with them as were directly on the route. It’s all a bit of fun and this guys just being a petty moron and ruining the kids fun. Get over yourself.. do you have a phobia of water? Glad the police dealt with him."

"This guy needs to take a long hard look in the mirror," said Amanda Johnston, "this outing is an outing for children, they should be allowed to have fun the same as everyone else is allowed to, this guy should be ashamed of himself. It's a bit of water goodness sake, get a grip man, seriously don't understand people who are far too serious all the time, need to be able to laugh to enjoy life."

Jo White commented: "What a stupid **** such a drama queen."

Liz Allen said: "A little bit of water lol. Hes gonna struggle next few days with the rain then."

Even one of Scotland's most famous authors had his say. "Crivvens," tweeted Ian Rankin in response to the Evening News article.

Not everyone condemned the man's actions, however.

"Any one would be annoyed if in your car with window open and get soaked," wrote Thomas Donald.