Royal fans flock to see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in Edinburgh

There was no shortage of fans lining the streets this afternoon waiting in anticipation for Prince Harry and fiancée Meghan Markle to visit Social Bite, the social enterprise that has big plans to eradicate homelessness in Scotland.

Well-wishers seemed to multiply as the time of arrival drew nearer, bursts of excitement rippling through the crowd.

On Rose street, Lis Moir, 44, a sales assistant originally from Indonesia, waited with her son Rochan, nine, and daughter Aqiilah, all of them pressed up against the police barrier.

This was the second royal visit her children have attended but they were too small then to remember seeing William and Kate shortly after they were wed.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry reach out for one another while on a walkabout on the esplanade at Edinburgh Castle, Picture: Ian Rutherford/PA Wire

Aqiilah brought an Indonesian mask to gift to the couple but it’s her mum that seems the most hyped up: “Oh my gosh, to see them face-to-face. It’s just so exciting”.

Primary school teacher Liz McGreevy, 50, who travelled from Whitley Bay with daughter Ellie, 15, looked happy.

She said she loves what Princes William and Harry do for charity, particularly the recent mental health campaign and their work with young people. She had words of wisdom for Meghan too: “Just make sure you never fall out with your mother-in-law.”

German couple Paul and Katie Krobbach happened upon the festivities but stuck around, flags in hand, to see the Royal couple. “They’re getting married on our first wedding anniversary”, Paul said, “We hope they enjoy their day and have fun”.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry reach out for one another while on a walkabout on the esplanade at Edinburgh Castle, Picture: Ian Rutherford/PA Wire

Two women prepared for the main event by handing out Union Jack flags.

Rita Calder, 70, and Sandra Kane, 66, from Golspie, Sutherland are both retired and have more time now to spend on royal spotting. Sandra said: “We’re delighted they’re visiting Scotland. We want them to see that lots of Scots want to keep the union and the 

The pair call themselves loyalists and both love the princes, William and Harry, who they call “the boys”.

Rita wants Harry to have a word with his granny: “I’m going to get him to tell her that the union flag should be flown more than once a year” and really hoped that Meghan had “warm breeks on”.

Speaking of fashion, Meghan didn’t disappoint. Clad in a Burberry Black Watch tartan coat and sporting another Strathberry bag she oozed effortless style. And she did indeed have breeks on, whether they were warm is as yet unknown.

A cheer rose when the couple arrived. Perhaps the cold got the better of them, as there was no time to tarry as they marched into Social Bite for a meet-and-greet with founder Josh Littlejohn and staff.

Half an hour later they were back in the gaze of the crowd and with smiles and waves the pair headed back to their car, accompanied by the cry “Harry’s getting married” and one man singing Cliff Richard’s Congratulations.