Staff at The Range threaten to walk out after 'freezing' cashier was suspended just before Christmas for borrowing bodywarmer

The Range at Milton Link is threatening to suspend staff ahead of Christmas despite not fixing their working conditions.

Saturday, 21st December 2019, 7:45 am
Updated Sunday, 22nd December 2019, 11:26 am
The Range in Edinburgh have been accused of threatening to suspend staff who proposed to walk out due to freezing working conditions. (Pic: Google Maps)

Staff members at a home and garden shop in Edinburgh have been threatened with disciplinary action after they proposed to walk out due to their working conditions.

Frozen workers, who wish to remain anonymous, from The Range on Milton Link said that they were on the verge of walking out as the shop was too cold to work in.

One staff member said that a number of workers in the store are ‘more mature’ and feel the cold more than younger staff members and some who work on the tills have been ‘on the verge of passing out.’

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Staff have been given heaters which 'need a code from Head Office' to operate but claim they do not work. (Pic: Getty)

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When members of the team proposed to walk out due to the freezing conditions they were threatened with disciplinary action and told that they would lose their jobs right before Christmas.

It is understood that staff on the tills at The Range were given small heaters however they require a code to turn them on which must be provided by Head Office.

Another staff member claims to have been unfairly suspended from their job after wearing a bodywarmer in store.

The staff member took a body warmer from a shelf and wore it for the remainder of their shift before returning the item.

They claim the next time they came into the shop they were escorted by a security guard to the management office and told they were being suspended.

The staff member added: “I don’t know what the problem was I didn’t steal it and I even offered to pay for the item but they just told me no, you’re being suspended.”

“Your employer must also provide enough thermometers for you to measure the temperature.

“Winter clothing is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and should be provided wherever there is a risk.

“Several layers are best so you can adjust your clothing depending on the work you’re doing.”

The UK is set to be hit with an array of wintry weather conditions over the next few days, as the Met Office issues weather warnings place for wind, rain and fog.

Last week the Met Office warned of snow in Edinburgh as temperatures plummeted.

Edinburgh and The Lothians have been subject to several Yellow weather warnings this month due to wintery weather and wet conditions.

The Evening News contacted The Range for comment multiple times however they refused to respond to the allegations or answer any questions.