Steve Carell tries Irn-Bru for the first time: 'So it's haggis soda?'

Steve Carell has joined the ranks of celebrities who’ve tried Irn-Bru, which is soon to be renamed ‘haggis soda’.

Friday, 1st July 2022, 2:59 pm

Steve Carell has tried Scotland’s other national drink for the first time – and he seemed impressed?

The Hollywood actor sampled some of the UK’s most iconic snacks in a YouTube video for LadBible.

He had never heard of Irn-Bru or tasted it before, but, being told it was the drink of Scotland, he said: “So it’s haggis soda?”

"Oh, I like that a lot actually,” he exclaimed, “Yeah, I think that’s delicious. It has a… yeah, I like it. I like how it lingers on the tongue.

"I can’t believe I’m talking about it like I’m a wine connoisseur, talking about the varietal characteristics.”

The 59-year-old ranked it higher than the US equivalent Lad Bible put it up against, Mountain Dew – which he had previously described as tasting like a “yellow ray of sunshine”. High praise indeed.

Irn-Bru was quick to react to the video on social media, writing on Twitter: “Tempted to change our username to Haggis Soda for a day”. The company has indeed changed its Twitter name to Haggis Soda.

Steve Carell has tried Irn-Bru for the first time (LadBible)

Fans of the orange drink responded with memes from The Office and Despicable Me, which Carell is known for.

Carell is not the first US celebrity to sample Irn-Bru. During Cop26, US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez went in search of it and was delivered one by Nicola Sturgeon.

Actor and rapper Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) has given the drink a thumbs up, and the Queen and Prince William visited the factory last year.

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Steve Carell tries Irn-Bru for the first time (LadBible)