Stranger Things themed bar: Netflix hit-inspired UpsideDown pub opens in Edinburgh

A Stranger Things themed bar has opened in Edinburgh - featuring a life sized demogorgon and a ouija wall.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 30th June 2022, 11:34 am
Owner Linden Wilkinson delivers some themed cocktails
Owner Linden Wilkinson delivers some themed cocktails

The Cocktail Geeks bar has been transformed into the upside down with decorations from the smash hit show and drinks named RUN, the Flayed and sunset over Hawkins.

Reference to Scoops Ahoy from season three and the wall map in season two can been seen throughout the bar - while 80s music is played in the background.

A model of the alphabetic lights used by Will to communicate with his mum from the upside down in season one also features on a wall.

Owner Linden Wilkinson, 28, said the bar is packed every day after it went viral when a super fan travelled 500 miles to have a drink.

Linden said the show is 'all anyone can talk about' just now and is anticipating a rush of trade when part two of the new season airs on July 1.

He is hoping to add a cocktail called Vecna's curse to the menu.

Linden, who owns the bar with partner Rachael Carpenter, 32, said: "We launched three weeks ago.

The UpsideDown features a life sized demogorgon and a ouija wall.

"But in the last week we have been full everyday.

"It's overwhelming, it really has been phenomenal.

"We try to fill the bar with as many references to the theme as possible.

"We have a ouija wall, a life-sized demogorgon, and a tear in the wall that leads to the upside down.

The whole bar has been themed in line with the hit Netflix show.

"There is also a wall map which is a reference to season two and references to Scoops Ahoy.

"We are currently making a grandfather clock like the one in the newest season and are planning a new cocktail called Vecna's Curse.

"For all our cocktails we have taken an 80s classic and turned it upside down.

"We have the RUN, a reference to the ouija wall Will uses to talk to his mum in season one, which is a twist on a Pina Colada.

The bar is on East Market Street

"There is also a 'Sunset over Hawkins', a twist on a Tequila Sunrise, and a 'Dimensions Hopper'.

"We also have themed mocktails, boozy milkshakes and I-scream floats.

"We are huge fans of the show, we adored season three and the newest one is spectacular.

"It's all anyone can talk about just now, especially with Kate Bush topping the charts again.

"I don't think anything has been this big since Game of Thrones.

"Stranger Things has really gripped everyone and it's fascinating to watch it play out."

The theme at the bar changes every four months, with previous ones including Game of Thrones and the Walking Dead.

Linden added: "We rotate our themes three times a year, they are always pop culture related.

"We have done Game of Thrones, the Walking Dead, and Lord of the Rings.

"We have done a Stranger Things theme twice before and it is always very popular."

The Netflix show is on the verge of releasing volume 2 of series 4, which will see the group of Hawkins youngsters take on Vecna, an evil spirit from another realm which has been killing local teenagers using the power of waking nightmares.