These are the best responses to an Edinburgh pub banning 'jobby catchers' and 'mankles' in clothing style crackdown

Dreadnought in Leith put the ban in place in response to several crimes of fashion.

Wednesday, 29th January 2020, 1:05 pm
Updated Wednesday, 29th January 2020, 1:07 pm
Dreadnought in Leith put the ban in place in response to several crimes of fashion.

From flared trousers to oversized t-shirts, Edinburgh’s fashion police have been out in force for decades deciding what is and what isn’t fashionable.

But one pub in Edinburgh has taken it a step further by introducing a flat ban on 'jobby catchers' and 'mankles.'

To the less fashion obsessed, ‘jobby catchers’ are your classic two-piece tracksuit (preferably the same colour) while ‘mankles’ are the domain of the hipster with turn-up jeans twinned with a bare ankle.

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The pub, on North Fort Street, put the ban in place as a reaction to those wearing tracksuits ‘infiltrating’ the pub. The business may also extend to another fashion error - flip-flops.

'So it's over 25s only?'

Here's what Evening News readers have been saying about it...

Craig Young said: "This is my local and I had to completely change my wardrobe when I started drinking here!"

Claire AA Edie said:"Joggies are for exercise or cutting about the house, if you wear them to the pub you've given up on life already, like folk going round the supermarket in the PJs."

Liz Allen wrote: "Ofgs (oh for god's sake)..people can wear what they want. Really."

KD Markham said: "So its over 25s only?"

Catherine Ross said: "Instead of worrying about who wears what in their snobby pup, get rid of those benches outside the pub on the pavement as you can hardly get past there, I like to see dogs cocking their leg on them from time to time - retribution."

But George Bathgate said: "It’s great to see standards being introduced. Smart but casual is all part of going out."

Connie Grant said: "This pub is on my doorstep and always looks very busy at the weekends, they’re pub they’re rules , and it seems to work."

Gary Saddler said; "Their pub. Their rules. And I agree with them. I'd add baseball caps and beanies to the list."

Steven Doyle said: "Mankles or "Mince trotters" belong on George Street with the rest of the fashion victims

Malcolm Dryden said: "Don't go if you don't like the dress code. I used to a pub in the 80s If you swore you were barred, it was not a problem."

Graeme Scott said: "Good idea. Casinos should start implementing a dress code again as well. You have a better time when you have made a bit of an effort to go out."