'They're all over the Lothians' - readers share pictures of unusual albino squirrels

Our readers have been sharing their own photos of rare albino squirrels which have been spotted around Edinburgh.

Maciej Mlodzinski spotted this one in Gorgie.
Maciej Mlodzinski spotted this one in Gorgie.

Earlier the Evening News published pictures from Michelle Dearn which showed one of the creatures crossing Manse Road in Kirklistion early this morning.

Experts are convinced the odds of a squirrel being born completely white are around one in one hundred thousands. The animals are especially vulnerable to predators as they have no camouflage.

Michelle told the Evening News: "I spotted the squirrel around 7am this morning crossing over Manse Road.

The animals are usually vulnerable to predators as their white coats stand out against their green and brown surroundings most of the year. Picture: Michelle Dearn

"There are small wooded areas on the other side of the road which it seems to be a regular visitor to."

The all-white rodents have previously been spotted in Barnton when they invaded a resident's garden, and the Evening News has previously published amazing pictures of them enjoying the Capital's snowfall last year.

Now you've had your say online.

Sheila Lawrie said: "I used to see one in Juniper Green where I worked every time I brought my camera he never appeared they are so beautiful the woman I was working for said they hide when the other squirrels are eating and come out when they have gone."

Pat Christie photographer one in North Berwick.

Mandy Howden wrote: "We had two living in the woods next to house in East Lothian."

And Joe McDonald quipped: "No be around for long crossing the road like that...."

Several readers shared their photos of the creatures including Pat Christie from North Berwick, and Maciej Mlodzinski with a picture from Gorgie.

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