Who is Jane Park, the Euromillions winner from Edinburgh and social media star?

Jane Park recently tested positive for Covid-19 – after struggling to breathe and feeling ‘like death’.

Friday, 9th July 2021, 5:25 pm

A teenage Edinburgh EuroMillions winner has hit the headlines recently after testing positive for Covid-19.

Jane Park said she struggled to breathe and felt ‘like death’ before finding out the result.

The 25-year-old wrote on her Instagram story: “Honestly never felt this ill in my whole life,” before telling her thousands of followers she had caught coronavirus.

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Jane Park is Edinburgh's most famous EuroMillions winner

Who is Jane Park? And how much did she win in EuroMillions?

Jane Parks won the EuroMillions after buying her very first lottery ticket, aged just 17.

It made her one of the youngest Brits ever to win the lottery, and she scooped a cool £1 million.

Back in 2013 when she won, Jane had been living in a small two-bed council house in Niddrie, and sharing a room with her sister.

She worked in an office doing admin for a charity organisation, earning £8 an hour.

But her lucky dip ticket propelled her life in a whole new direction.

What did Jane Park do after winning the lottery?

In 2014, Jane appeared in BBC documentary Teenage Millionaire: The Year I Won The Lottery.

The show chartered the changes in her life over the next year – from announcing her win on Facebook to appearing on daytime television.

Her first treats to herself included a holiday in Magaluf and a Louis Vuitton handbag, as well as a chihuahua called Princess.

Then she bought a three-bedroom house on an estate in East Lothian – but soon moved back in with her mum.

She told the BBC: "Money can't buy you love, can't buy you friends, can't buy you a family.

"But it does bring a certain degree of happiness. I can do things I have never done before, that I have never been able to experience."

What happened next?

Aged 19, Jane got a tattoo in support of her beloved football team, Hibernian, as well as a boob job.

She has since lived a luxury lifestyle, investing in cars, handbags, and cosmetic surgery.

But one procedure went horribly wrong. Jane said she thought she was going to die after a Brazilian bum lift she received in Turkey had disastrous results.

She advised young people not to get the surgery – but it hasn’t put her off going under the knife.

In April 2021, Jane revealed she would be undergoing surgery in Dubai before returning to Scotland.

Meanwhile, the millionaire has set up an OnlyFans account where she shares topless photographs to paying fans.

It’s believed she’ll be able to earn another million from the side hustle – which she’s reportedly making £45,000 a month from.

The 23-year-old was set upon outside a sports bar in Oxford where the siblings had watched the Champions League final.

The ‘Rambo-style’ blade punctured William's lung and damaged his spleen.

A friend of the pair said: "Billy is so lucky to be alive."