Woman, 81, furious after Scottish GP surgery refused to make £10 church donation after failing to treat her

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A woman who was refused treatment by a GP surgery has hit out at their refusal to make a donation to her church after they admitted they had been in the wrong.

Moyra Taylor suffered a nasty foot injury while visiting old school friends in Edinburgh on holiday on Tuesday 18 June when a man in a mobility scooter accidentally ran over her foot at The Gyle.

Moyra Taylor, who was refused treatment of her foot by an GP surgery.

Moyra Taylor, who was refused treatment of her foot by an GP surgery.

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The 81-year-old tried to seek help from the local GP surgery, Morningside Medical Practice.

However, when she spoke to the receptionist Mrs Taylor was refused treatment despite GPs being obligated to provide emergency treatment to patients who are not registered to their practice.

Mrs Taylor said: “I had hurt my foot and after around three days I went to the GP to ask for treatment because it had become infected.

“The receptionist was like a robot. She never said to me ‘how are you’ and she didn’t ask me how bad my foot was. She wasn’t compassionate, and never asked a question

“I was denied a doctor and a nurse to dress it and I was walking on my heel because I couldn’t put my foot down and I was limping out of the surgery and my whole holiday was ruined.

“I was absolutely disgusted and furious.”

Mrs Taylor, who is orginally from Linlithgow, then returned home to Herefordshire and visited her own GP practice who were horrified to hear what had happened.

She was then treated for another three weeks before the wound was fully healed.The treatment by the GP surgery was so poor, Mrs Taylor complained to the surgery and did receive apologies.

However, when she asked the surgery to make a donation to her church or a charity, they refused stating that NHS funds should not be misused.

For Mrs Taylor, this was the final straw.

She said: “They are operating a business and admitting they were wrong and that the receptionist was not compassionate and they were understaffed.

“I thought it would be a nice gesture to give a small donation to my church or to a charity. I was asking for a goodwill gesture from their business as a group of doctors.

She added: “Had they given me a bunch of flowers or given my church £10 it would have been the end of the story but the rub my nose in it and say the funds are used for proper usage was too much.

"I am not asking for the NHS to pay for my church, I am asking them as a business of doctors for them to be prepared to pay out of their own kitty, not the NHS funds.

“They have really just apologised with warm wishes and kind regards.”

Morningside Medical Practice said they were unable to comment due to patient confidentiality.