Pet ban for Big Daddy pair

James Jenkinson, left, and Jean Francois Vittemer
James Jenkinson, left, and Jean Francois Vittemer
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TWO men who allowed a crazed six-stone bulldog called Big Daddy to go on the rampage have been banned from owning dogs.

Jamie Jenkinson, 23, and Jean Vittemer, 43, failed to control the dog, which repeatedly bit them before turning on two other people who came to help.

Big Daddy the dog

Big Daddy the dog

Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard how Jenkinson and Vittemer were left with horrific cuts and bruises during the incident in a tenement in Leith in the early hours of December 1, 2011.

After police were called, dog handlers arrived to find the floor and walls of the tenement covered in “significant” amounts of human blood which had been spilled during the incident.

They managed to apprehend Big Daddy, who was destroyed the following day.

Jenkinson, of Restalrig Circus, and Vittemer, of Cables Wynd House, pleaded guilty to two offences under the Dangerous Dogs Act before Sheriff William Holligan yesterday. Four other charges were dropped by prosecutors.

Procurator fiscal Thomas Crosbie told the court that the incident arose because Jenkinson had been looking after Big Daddy for a few days on behalf of Vittemer.

But Jenkinson had been struggling with the task and had decided to return it to its owner, who lived in the same tenement.

However, when Jenkinson went to Vittemer's door, the dog lost its temper and started biting its owner in the stomach and arm.

Big Daddy then turned his attentions to Jenkinson and started biting him on his arms and his back.

Mr Crosbie said: “The second accused [Vittemer] attempted to restrain the dog but it continued to bite him. The first accused ran back to his flat. Eventually, the second accused restrained the dog and placed him in a bin chute.

“Jenkinson returned to the scene and assumed that Mr Vittemer was hiding in the bin chute. However, when he opened the door, he found the dog was there. The dog escaped.”

The court heard that neighbours Donnacha Mac Gloinn, 38, and Ian Nolan, 41, heard the men screaming for help. The pair left their homes and came under attack from the dog.

The injured quartet managed to run to safety and hid in a flat before the dog was captured.

The quartet were taken to hospital and treated for their injuries before being released.

During the hearing, the court heard that Jenkinson was so scarred by the attack that he no longer wanted anything to do with animals.

Sheriff Holligan fined Jenkinson £190 and banned him from owning dogs for six months. Vittemer was fined £280 and was also banned from owning dogs for six months.

Speaking to the Evening News after the incident in December last year, Mr Vittemer, who was born in France but has stayed in Leith for the last 14 years, said: “After attacking all those people it has to go. I loved that dog but not that much to want to keep him. I’m lucky to be alive now.”