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Pet expert Stuart McMorrow answers your questions

Q My cat is in the early stages of pregnancy, but is bleeding a little. Do I need to do anything about this, or will it stop?

A You should take your cat along to see your vet as soon as you can, as there are various things that can cause bleeding during a cat’s pregnancy. It may be that the blood is coming from her bladder, due to a condition such as cystitis, especially if you see the blood when she has been to the toilet. It may be from her uterus if she is having a problem linked to her pregnancy. Whatever the cause, it is important to get her checked by your vet, so I’d suggest doing this as soon as you can.

Q My rabbits live in a big sheltered hutch and usually I leave them outside over winter, just giving them extra bedding and putting an old blanket over the hutch. But this winter is predicted to get very cold and I’m worried, do I need to bring them inside? What’s the lowest temperature rabbits can be comfortable in?

A You have been doing the right thing by providing extra bedding and laying the blanket over their hutch (make sure you leave enough gaps for ventilation). Rabbits can usually tolerate low temperatures if owners take these steps, but if the temperature is starting to reach freezing then you should move your rabbits’ home into a shed or garage.

Q My cocker spaniel puppy, Carry, has flat white rice-like things around her bottom. What are these, and how do I get rid of them?

A From the signs you describe it sounds like Carry has tapeworms – parasites which live in the intestines. Heavy infestations can cause her to become ill, and can be particularly dangerous for young animals, so you should take her to your vet for advice on what treatment will be best. Your vet may prescribe her with some tablets, or give her an injection to get rid of the tapeworms. You will also need to make sure you worm Carry regularly in future, to prevent her getting them again. She should also be treated regularly for fleas as these can also cause health problems and they are part of the tapeworm lifecycle.