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Stuart McMorrow answers your questions

Q Our cat Lisa is over 16 years old. She is healthy and regularly eats her food. But now she doesn’t wake us at night time to go out for toilet but instead she does her business inside the house. Please could you suggest what we can do?

A Lisa is in her senior years and may be toileting inside the house as one of her organs isn’t working properly, or she could be having trouble getting about. You need to take Lisa to your vet. Certain diseases associated with old age, such as kidney disease, can’t be cured but can often be managed through medication and lifestyle changes to improve your cat’s quality of life. Regular health checks are recommended for all senior pets so that age-related disease can be diagnosed early, allowing supportive treatments to be started as soon as possible.

Q My cornsnake hasn’t eaten in seven weeks, any ideas why this is happening?

A The best thing to do is to get your corn snake checked out by your vet. For example, lack of appetite can be caused by various conditions such as kidney disease, if the snake is kept at an incorrect temperature, is dehydrated or has an infection. Snakes do require quite special treatment, so it’s best to double-check when you make an appointment for your snake that they do have a vet there that has an interest in reptiles.

Q My Yorkie, Petey, constantly tries to lick my face, which I hate. How can I stop him?

A Petey is doing this because he has learnt that it leads to attention from you. Even if you tell him off, he may view this as enjoyable. To stop the behaviour, he needs to stop receiving attention. When he starts licking you should place him on the floor and ignore him. Then, when he is calm and relaxed, give him attention and calmly praise him. With time and patience he should eventually stop.