Pet Questions

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Q My rabbit’s left eye seems to have glazed over a bit, and he has a lump at the side of his eye. We’ve been bathing it and it doesn’t seem to be painful, but he scratches it.

A Conjunctivitis could be the problem, and this could be linked to a problem with his teeth. This can result in a discharge from the eyes and irritation of the surrounding skin. Your rabbit’s scratching is a sign of pain or discomfort. You need to take your rabbit to your vet.

Q Our male boxer dog is now a year old. He becomes quite aggressive towards our nine-year-old daughter when he eats and always barks at children when we take him for walks.

A You need to address this behaviour. Firstly, never leave your dog unsupervised, particularly with strangers or children, and use a basket muzzle in public. You should take him to the vet to check there are no underlying illnesses causing his behaviour. His aggression could be due to a bad experience that he has had, or lack of appropriate training.