Pet questions - 23/02/13

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Stuart McMorrow answers your questions

Q My labrador, William, has always been fit and healthy, but in the last three weeks a lump has developed under the skin on his neck. He’s eating and drinking normally, but has a cough. He doesn’t seem to be in pain but I don’t want him to suffer.

A You need to take William to your vet to have this lump checked and to find out what is causing your dog’s cough.

Your vet will check the appearance, size and texture of the lump, and ask various questions to decide whether the lump is significant and connected with your dog’s coughing.

Q My guinea pig, Crunchie, has really sticky eyes and they seem glued shut with this yellow stuff. I’ve tried bathing them in tepid water, but it keeps coming back.

A Hay seeds and pieces of straw can quite commonly find their way into a guinea pig’s eye and can cause severe irritation. In cases like these, the guinea pig’s eyelids are very swollen, and the eye muscles are in spasm so the eye is closed but there is a watery discharge. Alternatively, it could be that your guinea pig has conjunctivitis.

You need to take Crunchie to see your vet so her eye can be examined and she can be given appropriate treatment, such as antibiotic eye drops or cream.