Petition launched over Queensferry Crossing link road safety concerns

Queensferry Action Group protests about how busy the road has become since the opening of the new bridge. Picture: Alistair Linford
Queensferry Action Group protests about how busy the road has become since the opening of the new bridge. Picture: Alistair Linford
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A MOTHER campaigning for better road safety on a key thoroughfare near the new Queensferry Crossing has said it feels as though there will have to be an accident before anything is improved.

Her warning comes as a petition calling for urgent action on Bo’ness Road nears 1000 signatures.

Campaigners backing the “Make Bo’ness Road safe for our community” bid claim transport chiefs failed to recognise the impact the new £1.35 billion structure would have on nearby roads.

Queensferry resident Babs Shaw, who helped launched the petition, said traffic on Bo’ness Road had become busier and faster since the new crossing opened.

Mrs Shaw, 42, said the congestion was a constant worry for parents like herself whose children attend Echline Primary School, adding there had been a number of near misses in recent weeks.

She said: “The online 
petition [which has 360 signatures] doesn’t reflect the numbers at all, we have more on paper.

“You can tell the road is significantly busier and the cars are travelling faster, especially on the Bo’ness Road. It feels like there will have to be an accident before anything gets done.”

Mrs Shaw said there were a number of options residents would like to see explored such as more crossings, increasing signage or cutting the speed limit to 20mph. She also called for monitoring of all roads in and out of Queensferry.

She said the first step towards this would be “proper monitoring” on all the roads in and out of Queensferry.

“Then we’ll get a real sense of speed and volume at different times [and] we’ll know if people are regularly speeding,” she said. “That would be a service to the community.”

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The petition comes just weeks after Lib Dem MSP for Edinburgh Western, Alex Cole-Hamilton, called for the Forth Road Bridge to be temporarily reopened to help ease congestion from the new bridge.

Critics said the road system for accessing the Queensferry Crossing had not been thought through and needed urgent re-thinking – a claim infrastructure secretary Keith Brown later rebuffed.

Transport leader Lesley Macinnes said the council was happy to work with residents and explore how the road could be made safer.

She said: “I appreciate the concerns people have expressed about safety in this area.

“We will take action to explore what we may able to do to make things better.”

Transport Scotland said it took all safety concerns “very seriously”, adding a new crossing to assist pedestrians had already been put in at the junction of Society Road and Bo’ness Road.

A spokesman said: “The scheme is still in a transitional phase while drivers get used to the new layout and adjust their driving patterns.

“We will continue to monitor and evaluate its operational performance and take appropriate steps to resolve any shorter term issues that arise, in conjunction with the relevant local authority.”

Almond Ward Cllr Louise Young said: “With the growing volume of vehicles on this road, there are real concerns over safety for children trying to cross the road, and I welcomed the opportunity to discuss this with the community.”