‘Pets are not
Christmas gifts’ time

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CITY residents are being warned of the dangers of giving pets as Christmas gifts, as the Scottish SPCA prepares for one of its busiest times of year.

The animal welfare charity has also revealed some of the excuses given for young and elderly pets being given up during the festive period.

SSPCA chief superintendent Mike Flynn said: “It’s a time when many of our centres are asked to take in elderly pets, with dogs the most common.

“The excuses our staff have heard have been shocking, with some owners telling us they have suddenly developed an allergy to a pet they’ve had for years. Others have said they’ve simply had enough of their pet because it’s so old and some have even told us they don’t want their dog making their house untidy when they have guests for Christmas.

“We know that in some of these cases the owners have in fact been making space for a new puppy or a younger pet, which is extremely callous.

“Our centres will stop rehoming young animals between December 20 and January 3 because we have to be very careful they aren’t being taken on by anyone who wants a new pet for Christmas and hasn’t fully thought through their decision.”