Pick up some facts about Edinburgh’s rubbish

Smouldering rubbish is tipped on to Waveley Bridge in 1970. Picture: TSPL
Smouldering rubbish is tipped on to Waveley Bridge in 1970. Picture: TSPL
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The state of the Capital’s bins was in the headlines again this week, with concerns about dog waste containers overflowing in a number of areas in the city.

Disgusted residents called on the council to take action after concern bins at Carrick Knowe golf course, Leith Links, Inverleith Park and Kirkliston children’s park were not being emptied enough. And while the council has vowed to take action, this is just the latest problem of rubbish piling up on the streets to plague the Capital.

A bin lorry emptied its contents on to Waverley Bridge in April 1970 after the Edinburgh Corporation bin men noticed it was smouldering, and firefighters were quickly on hand to deal with it.

It was a different story in October 1978 when rubbish was being piled up alongside the road at the Craigentinny refuse depot as the public took action during a strike by bin men. Alastair and Richard Campbell of Upper Grove Place armed themselves with brooms as they collected rubbish on their street during the strike.

Of course, the city’s bin men often find themselves having to deal with some very unusual situations. In September 1968, a city bin cart attracted more than a few glances on Princes Street after it picked up three stuffed bears from Marcus Furriers.

While they keep the city clean, however, other areas have often been left forgotten, but in May 1983 local teenagers took part in Operation Riverbank, helping to clean up the Water of Leith at 
Warriston by removing abandoned tyres and other rubbish.