plumber crushed by boiler seeks £100,000

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A PLUMBER is suing a building firm for £100,000 after a boiler he was carrying with a workmate fell on top of him at a construction site.

Roderick Davidson was working at the site in Suttes Lea in Newtongrange, Midlothian when the accident took place, leaving him with an “excruciating” back injury.

The 54-year-old launched the legal action against Hart Builders at the Court of Session in Edinburgh, alleging that the firm violated health and safety regulations.

Mr Davidson, from Musselburgh, was carrying a boiler up stairs with a colleague.

He said that a scaffolding batten had been left on the stairs and he tripped over it, with the boiler then falling on top of him.

The court heard that Mr Davidson was left unable to work as a plumber and heating installer following the accident, which took place on April 15, 2008, and had taken a job teaching plumbing skills instead.

Lawyers for Hart Builder told the court that Mr Davidson had complained of lower back problems dating back to January 2003, and should have taken more care where he placed his feet as an “experienced” employee.