Pole dancing with a twist

THE Capital’s first class in Chinese pole dancing is to be offered in Leith this month.

Unlike normal pole dancing, the Chinese version is carried out fully-clothed and dancers don’t spin on the poles but carry out more acrobatic moves and jumps.

The classes will be offered by GoesWell Dance Fitness, which last week attracted criticism for running a pole dancing competition for people as young as 16.

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Organiser Anne Goswell said Chinese pole dancing was suitable for those who preferred not to dance partially-clothed.

“It’s still pole dance. The moves are quite similar but you can do it in jeans or cotton trousers. It’s something that regular men and women can do. They’re still going to get the strength and fitness benefits.”

The class starts on October 27 at 7pm at The Granary in Leith. For more information see www.goeswell.co.uk.