Police choir voices need for members

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THE Lothians’ police choir is seeking new members – and they don’t have to be members of the force.

The organisation, which appears at various functions across the country, wants to boost its ranks and is looking for both men and woman.

The choir, which has performed as far afield as New York, said new entrants did not have be able to sight-read music, and just being able to “hold a tune” was sufficient.

Tenor and bass voices are in particular demand, but organisers were at pains to point out people from outwith the police were welcome to apply.

The choir meets on Sunday evenings and learns the songs using scores and recordings.

A spokeswoman said: “If you love to sing, and are looking for something to take your mind off the coming week on a Sunday evening, then get in touch.”

Anyone interested in signing up should visit www.lbp.police.uk/choir.