Police dossier reveals prime suspect in Lee murder probe

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A PRIME suspect has been identified in the killing of ex-drug addict Lee Duncan, one year on from his brutal murder.

The Evening News can reveal that a dossier of evidence has been submitted to the procurator fiscal and names the suspected killer.

Prosecutors will now decide if there is sufficient evidence to pursue an arrest in what is the only outstanding murder

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case in the Lothians from the last year.

The news comes four months after police announced a “significant breakthrough” in the case following a series of searches of gardens and alleyways close to the murder scene in Lauriston Place.

Officers today would not comment on the latest development, which comes on the first anniversary of the crime, but sources have confirmed the move.

The evidence presented to prosecutors is known to reveal for the first time that Mr Duncan, who was found dead by his girlfriend, suffered “blunt force trauma” to the head.

Mr Duncan’s family have told previously how he had turned his life around after his battle with heroin addiction, describing him as a “soft-hearted” man with “no enemies”.

A major investigation in the wake of the killing saw 500 people being interviewed. A mystery donor also offered a £1000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

Mr Duncan’s family did not wish to comment today, but, speaking to the Evening News previously, his sister Melanie Purdie told of their devastation.

She said: “We had seen a big change in him, particularly in the last three years. Lee got together with his girlfriend Kirsty in October and was besotted with her.

“He was really good with Kirsty’s little boy. He had no enemies, which is what makes this even more devastating.

“He was so soft-hearted, which is why I find it really hard that someone has caused such a horrific death for him.”

She appealed at the time directly to his killers to turn themselves in, and told how Mr Duncan had begun using heroin at around 20 years old after falling in with the “wrong crowd”, but had been on a methadone programme for the last six years.

Days after the killing, detectives made a public appeal to trace a muscular man wearing blue overalls who was spotted in the area in the hours before the body was found. He was later eliminated from inquiries.

Police also asked GPs and drugs counsellors to report any information from patients about the killing.


• February 25, 2010: The body of Lee Duncan, 31, is found at his flat in Lauriston Place.

• March 1: Police appeal to trace a man wearing blue overalls spotted in the area. He is later found and ruled out.

• March 15: Detectives say they have received a “good response” from the public.

• April 14: Mr Duncan’s sister, Melanie Purdie, urges killer to come forward.

• June 21: Police urge GPs and drug counsellors to anonymously report information gleaned from patients about the killing.

• September 15: An anonymous donor stumps up a £1000 reward for information.

• February 24, 2012: Police identify a prime suspect for the killing.