Police keep it real when investigating

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LOTHIAN and Borders Police have revealed that they do not use psychics, mediums or clairvoyants to aid investigations.

The idea of police turning to the supernatural is a common element of crime thrillers, but in a response to a freedom of information request, police said: “Lothian and Borders Police does not engage the services of psychics, mediums or clairvoyants other than when they are believed to have relevant information.

“By that I mean where they themselves may be a witness or suspect, or have information that they have gleaned during the course of their profession, such as where they have spoken to people who have imparted information to them.

“It is common to receive information from persons who have ‘visions’, dreams, or claim to have the power to communicate beyond the grave. In such cases we acknowledge receipt of the information, but only act if it is supported by ‘fact’.”