Police sickies fall in wake of measures

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SICK days among civilian staff at Lothian and Borders Police are set to fall in the wake of “robust” measures introduced to reduce absences.

Police chiefs are predicting an extra 1200 days will have been worked by staff in 2011/2012 compared to the previous year.

Figures show that absences stood at 4.8 per cent of available working days between April and September. The sick rate for the previous year was 6.03 per cent.

A report to the police board stated: “Whilst it is anticipated that the full-year picture may be slightly different when absence from the autumn and winter months are included, it is reasonable to forecast a decrease of one per cent of working time lost by the end of 2011/12.”

Under the scheme introduced last year, staff absent more than three times in a year face a review. Sick days among staff had soared to be the highest among the eight Scottish forces.