Police ‘vindicated’ by results

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CHIEF Constable David Strang has welcomed the overall drop in crime in the Lothians this year and said the force’s focus of crime prevention had been “vindicated”.

Across the Capital, a total of 36,202 crimes were recorded for the year against 38,218 for 2010-11. The percentage of crimes solved by police remained unchanged at 43 per cent.

Mr Strang said: “The end of year crime figures for Lothian and Borders Police have shown a drop in recorded crime across the main crime groups of 4.5 per cent, with crimes of violence down ten per cent, and crimes of antisocial behaviour down five per cent.

“I’m sure you will agree that this is a significant drop in crime in areas that matter a great deal to the public, who can be reassured in the ability of Lothian and Borders Police to tackle criminality in our communities.”

He added: “Our focus on crime prevention has been vindicated through consistently falling crime rates.”