The 21 Scottish seats that have changed hands


Saturday, 10th June 2017, 9:40 am
Updated Saturday, 10th June 2017, 9:58 am
21 seats changes hands in Scotland. Picture Neil Hanna
21 seats changes hands in Scotland. Picture Neil Hanna

■(Lib Dem) Jamie Stone

Councillor in the Highlands represented the same constituency at Holyrood between 1999 and 2011. Defeated SNP­incumbent Paul Monaghan.


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■(Con) Douglas Ross

Ousted SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson. He was elected MSP for the Highlands and Islands region in 2016, but has come under fire due to his other career as a football assistant referee.


■(Con) David Duguid

Boosted his party’s vote by 19.2 per cent after making fishing a key issue in his campaign, committing to pushing the UK government to pull out of the Common Fisheries Policy.


■(Con) Colin Clark

Ousted former SNP leader Alex Salmond, boosting the Tory vote by 29 per cent. He bought into a fresh produce selling business at the age of just 24 and said: “I am a job creator with real life experience.”


■(Con) Andrew Bowie

Former Navy officer, who has been trained in anti-piracy activities, was Tory campaign manager for the north of Scotland in the 2015 general election and for the Better Together campaign during the 2014 independence referendum.


■(Con) Kirstene Hair

The 27-year-old organised the Scottish Conservative conference in 2013, before moving on to be an executive assistant at DC Thomson. She beat former SNP chief whip Mike Weir.


■ (Con) Luke Graham

Took 41 per cent of the vote. He has been prolific in the business world, having held positions at M&S and been director of finance for the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign.


■(Con) Stephen Kerr

Overturned a 10,000 SNP majority to win by just 148 votes. His campaign was not without incident –members of his team were followed through the Stirling suburb of Cowie, and heckled.

Kirkcaldy and 

■(Lab) Lesley Laird

Managed to create a 259 majority over SNP’s Roger Mullin. She is deputy leader of Fife council, having been elected as a councillor in 2012. Before becoming a councillor, Laird occupied a series of human resources roles.

Edinburgh West

■(Lib Dem) Christine Jardine

Former journalist won with a majority of almost 3,000, helped by 10 per cent slump of SNP rival Tony Giugliano. An SNP activist claimed Jardine was campaigning during the truce after the Manchester terrorist attack – in fact she was at the funeral of her husband.

Dunbartonshire East

■(Lib Dem) Jo Swinson

Regaining the seat she lost in 2015, she ousted the former BBC presenter and current SNP culture spokesman John Nicolson. First elected in 2005, she served as a junior minister in the coalition government.

Glasgow North East

■(Lab) Paul Sweeney

Beat the SNP by just 242 votes. Before politics, he held a number of positions with BAE Systems, as well as currently work for Scottish Enterprise and being an Army Reservist.

Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill

■(Lab) Hugh Gaffney

Managed a majority of 1,500 helped by a bog SNP collapse. The North Lanarkshire Councillor has strong union links.

Rutherglen and 
Hamilton West

■(Lab) Ged Killen

Just 265 votes was enough for the councillor. Before the election, bookmakers had the SNP at 1/50 to win the seat.

Renfrewshire East

■(Con) Paul Masterton

Conservative was part of one of the more recognisable photo ops of the campaign, as he was snapped having an ice cream with Ruth Davidson, the Tory leader grabbing and kissing the newly minted MP.

Aberdeen South

■(Con) Ross Thomson

Beat the SNP with a swing of nearly 15 per cent. He was awarded a Legendary Samuari certificate by the The Scottish Samurai awards in 2016 due to his work on Aberdeen City Council in raising awareness of “The Scottish Samuari”, Thomas Blake Glover.

Dumfries & Galloway

■(Con) Alister Jack

Made his business in self-­storage, making a £20 million fortune through his company, Armadillo. Wishes to use his experience to help support the rural interests of the region.

East Lothian

■(Lab) Martin Whitfield

One of Labour’s big targets. Former lawyer and current primary school teacher in Prestonpans is also a council member of the General Teaching Council of Scotland.

Berwickshire, Roxburgh & Selkirk

■(Con) John Lamont

Previously the MSP for Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire, he resigned to contest the UK seat. This was his fourth attempt at gaining the seat.

Ayr, Carrick &

■(Con) Bill Grant

Working in Ayr for 30 years as a firefighter and later ten as a local councillor, he becomes the Tories’ first MP in the area for nearly 20 years


■(Lab) Danielle Rowley

Winning by 885 votes, overturned a 10,000 SNP majority. Rowley is a campaign and public affairs officer for housing charity Shelter, and is the daughter of Scottish Labour Party deputy leader Alex ­Rowley.