Bid to overturn Mohammad Asghar death sentence

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A PETITION has been launched calling on both the First Minister and David Cameron to fight for the life of Edinburgh man Mohammad Asghar.

The 67-year-old Leith grandfather, who suffers from severe mental health problems, was last month sentenced to death in Pakistan for blasphemy.

The petition has been set up on campaigning website by the chair of the Scottish Secular Society, Caroline Lynch.

It states that: “Mohammad Asghar should be helped, not killed. We ask that David Cameron and Alex Salmond intervene in the strongest possible terms, to help save the life of a vulnerable British man.”

So far the petition has attracted more than 3000 

Ms Lynch said: “I started this petition because secularists believe in freedom of speech and faith. We feel that no-one should suffer persecution for their beliefs, and blasphemy is an affront to human rights.

“David Cameron has expressed his concern, that the government is watching the situation carefully. Watching is not enough.”