Bosses told to take apprentices

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Employers across Scotland are being urged to mark the New Year by taking on a modern apprentice.

Youth Employment Minister and Almond Valley MSP Angela Constance said the Scottish Government had pledged to create 25,000 MAs in this financial year and was promising every 16-19-year-old a place in education or training.

She said: “There is absolutely no doubt that 2012 will be a crucial year in tackling youth unemployment in Scotland.

My New Year’s resolution is to ensure that we harness the potential of every single young person.

“Part of making that happen involves maximising opportunities for modern apprentices and it’s clear that businesses in Scotland have a huge role to play.

“That’s why I am encouraging them to make one of their own resolutions taking on an apprentice.

“I am under no illusions that the challenge of youth unemployment is a considerable one. But make no mistake, this is a key priority of the Scottish Government.”