Brexit and EU Referendum

Ian Blackford: SNP would ‘relish’ another snap general election

The SNP is ready to fight another snap general election if Theresa May does not alter her Brexit plans, Ian Blackford said today.

Nicola Sturgeon backs the UK's continued membership of the single market and customs union post-Brexit

Nicola Sturgeon: SNP will press for single market membership

Nicola Sturgeon has said SNP MPs will continue to push for the UK to retain close ties with the EU post-Brexit, claiming such a move would command greater support than Theresa May’s current plans.

Boris Johnson at a meeting in Downing Street. Picture; PA

Theresa May to Boris Johnson ‘It is only right you should step down’

Theresa May has issued a reply to Boris Johnson’s resignation letter in which he was critical of the Prime Minister’s Brexit strategy.


Boris Johnson resigns in government Brexit meltdown

Boris Johnson has resigned as Foreign Secretary over Theresa May's plans for Brexit, sending the government into one of the deepest crises in recent political history.


David Davis resignation plunges government into crisis

Brexit Secretary David Davis has resigned in a crippling blow to Theresa May's government.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. Picture: PA

Nicola Sturgeon: It’s ‘game on’ for keeping UK in single market

Nicola Sturgeon has declared it is “game on” for campaigners hoping to keep the UK in the single market and the customs union after Brexit, after the Cabinet signed up to plans which could keep the UK closely tied to Brussels.


Theresa May faces fresh criticism from her own party over Brexit negotiations

Theresa May has been hit with fresh Conservative attacks on her leadership as she attempts to steer the UK through Brexit.


Brexit: Scottish Parliament set to reject EU Withdrawal Bill

The Scottish Government is calling on MSPs to “unite to protest the powers of devolution” by refusing to give consent to key Brexit legislation.

Catherine Stihler, Labour MEP for Scotland

Scottish Labour MEP: ‘Second EU referendum is only fair action’

A second referendum on the Brexit deal is the “only fair course of action”, a Scottish Labour MEP has said.


Brexit: Britain will be paying EU divorce bill until 2064

Britain will shell out £37.1 billion to settle its Brexit divorce bill, but the UK’s fiscal watchdog predicts payments to the EU will continue until 2064.

Ruth Davidson could oppose the UK Government's eventual Brexit deal

Ruth Davidson ready to defy UK Government on Brexit

Ruth Davidson has warned she is ready to  oppose a bad Brexit deal which would be damaging to Scotland's interest.


Edinburgh MP labels UK’s Brexit strategy ‘a disaster in slow motion’

An SNP MP has likened the Government’s Brexit strategy to a train running onto a half-collapsed bridge in a spaghetti western.


Ruth Davidson warns of post-Brexit ‘culture war’ in Vogue

Ruth Davidson has used an interview with Vogue to warn the world is heading into a post-Brexit “culture war”, which will pitch open attitudes against closed minds.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn appearing on The Andrew Marr Show. Picture: Getty/BBC

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn rules out second Brexit referendum

Jeremy Corbyn has ruled out a second referendum on Brexit amid fresh calls for a new poll.

Nicola Sturgeon hinted at support for second Brexit vote

Nicola Sturgeon: Second Brexit referendum may be "irresistible"

Nicola Sturgeon has said the case for a second referendum on Brexit may become "irresistible" amid concerns over the direction of current negotiations.


Brexit-backing Tories fear blue passports will be made abroad

Leave-backing Tories have demanded that blue British passports which will be reintroduced after Brexit are made in the UK.


Nicola Sturgeon: Blue British passport is ‘insular nonsense’

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has poured scorn on plans to bring back the blue cover for the British passport as “insular, inward looking, nonsense”.


Nigel Farage to keep £73,000 EU pension billed to UK taxpayers

Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage has been accused of “appalling hypocrisy” for refusing to give up a £73,000 per year EU pension that is set to be paid for from the UK’s Brexit bill.


Nicola Sturgeon: Limit Brexit damage with transition in single market

Scotland’s First Minister has called on the UK Government to negotiate a Brexit deal that “limits the damage as much as possible.”

Deputy convener Adam Tomkins. Picture: PA

Senior Holyrood figures in bid to avert Brexit ‘power-grab’ crisis

Backroom talks involving senior politicians from all parties are laying the groundwork to amend the controversial EU Withdrawal Bill in the House of Lords and prevent a so-called Brexit ‘power grab’.

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