Bruce Findlay: 10 reasons I’m voting No

Bruce Findlay. Pic: Greg Macvean.
Bruce Findlay. Pic: Greg Macvean.
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Music mogul and former Simple Minds manager Bruce Findlay sets out his reasons for voting No.

1 Solidarity with the people of the UK. We have a shared history, good and bad, a shared welfare state, a shared NHS and even a shared sense of humour.

2 We can end austerity by sticking together for a fairer United Kingdom. We can change things together.

3 I care about my pension but I also believe in sharing the wealth of our country and the idea that it’s ‘our oil’ does not impress me: it’s mean. Whether it’s food, oil or water, we should share.

4 Scotland has a strong identity but I’m equally happy in my British skin.

5 I think the Yes campaign is negative but unfortunately. I want to positively stay together. It is claimed that a vote to stay in the union is a vote for the status quo but that’s rubbish. Change is going to come anyway and to say otherwise is misleading because it is based on a false premise.

6 Yes supporters love to blame Gordon Brown, and Alistair Darling for the financial crisis but if anything they saved us from it. This was a global crisis.

7 Areas like Shetland are far away from Edinburgh as Edinburgh is from London. What about them?

8 We have benefited from being part of the Union. All the good things we have achieved we have done so when we were part of the Union from the Scottish enlightenment to the invention of the television.

9 We need to face up to the bad things we did during do the colonial days. We need to accept that we had a part in that, and take it on the chin.

10 I would say the vast majority of the UK don’t want Scotland to go, and yet they want change too.