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City Council

Kezia Dugdale: Let’s give Scots women this cancer lifeline

LAST week I met Jen Hardy, a mother from Edinburgh, above. She has incurable secondary breast cancer.


Gordon Dewar: Tourist tax shouldn’t just be paid by hotels

Other businesses, including airports, could contribute to a levy, says Edinburgh Airport chief executive Gordon Dewar.

Asking visitors to pay a few pounds on a hotel bill will not affect the hospitality sector in the city. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Adam McVey: Tourist tax isn’t a panacea – but it is a no-brainer

This month will see the first annual monitoring report at council, giving an update on progress made on the administration’s programme.

Bliss hairdressers, l-r, Kelly McMillan, Laura Flanagan, Rosheen Warnock, Justine Hughes and Sammara Law tell us about living in Porty

Infrastructure needs looked at as Portobello expands claim residents

LEGEND has it that Figgate Whins, the harsh seaside moorlands that would become modern-day Portobello, were sold in 1763 by Lord Milton to Baron Mure for the princely sum of £1,500.

Why is it so hard to find a parking space in Edinburgh? (Picture: Greg Macvean)

Christine Grahame: Why is parking so difficult in Edinburgh?

Now I don’t need to tell you that trying to park in Edinburgh is pretty pointless, unless you’re in town for the dawn chorus, so I’ll skip past that.

Visitors to Edinburgh should be paying a tourist tax

Kezia Dugdale: Only the Tories oppose tourist tax in Edinburgh

IF you take a weekend break to nearly any city in mainland Europe, you’ll pay a tourist tax.

Recycling garden waste has become a good habit in Edinburgh ' so why penalise people for doing the right thing? Picture: Jane Barlow

Robert Aldridge: City’s garden tax plan is starting to get messy

It’s not surprising that many residents are furious about the council’s plans for a “garden tax”. This is an extra tax on top of the council tax for anyone who wants a garden waste collection.

Perks of the privileged few at the City of Edinburgh Council anger Helen Martin

Helen Martin: Scandal of free bus passes and parking for councillors

WHEN it comes to critics of Edinburgh City Council, I am certainly relentless, though I’m not claiming to be one of the best or most effective.

Rose Street's mosaics have been defaced with tar repairs. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

John McLellan: Rose Street needs repairs not ‘consultation’

Rose Street is a mess, and not just because of the defacing of the Maggy Howarth mosaics with tar repairs; the streetscape is one of broken paving and cigarette ends.

Alison Hume, 44, of Galston, Ayrshire, died after she was fatally injured down a disused mine. Firefighters were prevented from going to her rescue for hours by health and safety rules.

John McLellan: Health-and-safety stops people from doing right thing

A series of calls into Craigmillar Police station last weekend told a disturbing story: elderly residents in a sheltered housing alleged they were being threatened by a drunken neighbour and something had to be done.

Breast cancer treatment in Edinburgh is the best in the world, says Helen Martin (Picture: Ian Georgeson)

Helen Martin: I have faith in NHS breast cancer care

IT was 15 years ago when I had breast cancer, resulting in a mastectomy and reconstruction.

Social Bite founder Josh Littlejohn at the homeless village in Granton. Picture: Ian Georgeson

Cammy Day: City must house the homeless and tax tourists

Charging visitors £1 a night would generate millions for city, writes council Labour group leader Cammy Day.

Diesel car sales have plunged following the VW emissions scandal (Picture: PA)

John McLellan: Edinburgh’s double whammy for diesel

Like many people, when we bought our new car four years ago a significant part of the decision was fuel economy but also the tax benefits associated with low emissions, and so we bought a VW with a 1.6 diesel engine.

Social Bite homeless village kingpin 'Josh Littlejohn

Ewan Aitken: How blaming the homeless is going out of fashion

Social Bite seems to have helped the public care more for vulnerable, says Ewan Aitken of Cyrenians

New schools like Boroughmuir High are a top priority for Edinburgh, say the city's Greens

Mary Campbell: Schools must be publicly funded and run

Learning from past school building programmes is crucial in building for the future, says Mary Campbell.

A-boards in Edinburgh will now have to be made to fit a standard format.

John McLellan: A sign that Edinburgh council doesn’t care about shops

There’s an A-board in Wardlaw Street ... wasn’t that what The Jam sang in 1978? Ok, so the council’s plan for a city-wide ban on A-boards and other street advertising might not be an A-Bomb underneath small shopkeepers, but it certainly won’t help.

The SNP have reacted just as Dexy's fans did to Van Morrison's original

John McLellan: SNP’s Brexit stance exposed by ‘Dexy’s Conundrum’

This week’s Brexit vote in Holyrood reminded me of the time many years ago when I working in a Glasgow bar. Tired of what I thought was the rubbish music we had to endure night after night I made up a music tape and one of the songs was Van Morrison’s famous Jackie Wilson Says.

Pupils and staff from Castlebrae Commuity High School celebrate with Fergus Linehan, director of Edinburgh International Festival, centre, after the creation of an arts residency at the school (Picture: Ian Georgeson)

Kezia Dugdale: How a failing school was transformed

Five years ago, just about every education expert you could find was backing the council’s bid to close Castlebrae High School.


Councillor fears Edinburgh is gripped by ‘arms race’ between police and criminals

FEARS of an “arms race” between police and criminals on Capital streets have surfaced over a new policy of sending officers with guns to non-armed incidents.

Coalition partners Adam McVey, left, and Cammy Day. Picture: Greg Macvean

Iain Whyte: Read this if you think Tories are ‘evil’

In councils, just as in government, an administration tends to run out of steam after a while. The ideas are used up, alternatives are unpalatable because they’ve already been publicly rejected, and the difficult areas of performance become a millstone.

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